Completed Projects

Thank you for the excellent job editing The Prisoners of Freeland. Every comment and correction is valid and shall be acted on accordingly.
I feel I now have a much stronger and tighter manuscript.
~Peter Woodruff, Author of Helga’s Story and The Show Photographer.

Below are a few of the books I’ve had the privilege of providing editing, proofreading, eBook formatting, or print formatting services:

About Remi Hunter’s Windy City Heat:

Tactical cop, Gina Aletti, doesn’t see a problem with bending rules to catch the bad guys. Sometimes, that’s what it takes in the endless battle against gangs, drugs and chronic crime on Chicago’s West Side. Her new boss doesn’t agree.

Fresh from a Spec Ops mission in Afghanistan, Lieutenant Sean O’Connor has zero tolerance for maverick cops. The battle lines are drawn; Gina and her new boss clash over everything, rules, regulations, and a career breaker, high-profile case.

When Gina’s informant goes missing, her search for him uncovers corruption inside the Chicago PD. Evidence surfaces that points at Gina as a dirty cop. The fight to clear her name may cost her everything…her badge…the man she loves…and her life.


About Kim Sigafus’ The Mida:

The Mida is a mystically-powerful, time-traveling carnival, a place for its people to hide from the world until they have to face the reality of their pasts. The first book in an eight book series, finds Mesa back in 1952 Farmingdale, IA. There she must deal with a murder, her now-grown son who thought she was dead, and Jiibay, a dark Ojibwa spirit set on taking over the carnival. Mesa, an Ojibwa woman schooled in the Midewiwan arts, owns the mystically powerful carnival, The Mida. Twenty-one years ago, her husband was killed, and she was forced to leave their baby, Tony, with his grandmother for his protection. Now the carnival has brought Mesa back to 1952 Farmingdale, Iowa. She is confronted by the son who thought she was dead, and the sheriff who believes her and the carnies had something to do with the murders that happened the night the carnival appeared in town. While trying to clear the carnival’s name, Mesa ends up putting Tony under suspicion. Mesa and the carnies work hard to clear everyone before they have to leave at the end of the week. She also has to make the decision whether to leave the carnival for Tony, or leave him behind again as she struggles to protect the carnival against Jiibay. This dark Ojibwa spirit killed her husband many years ago in an attempt to take over the mystically-powerful carnival. Caught up in her problems with her son, Mesa doesn’t realize Jiibay has discovered their whereabouts, and now everyone is in danger, including the child she gave up to protect.

About Kim Sigafus’ The Mida, Book Two: Finding Genny:

Waking up and discovering he was in 1934 St. Paul, Minnesota, Carter was thrust back into his worst nightmare. He had finally begun to move on with his life after the mob-killing of his wife, Genny, only to be yanked back in time to the place of her murder where he has to relive it all over again. The carnival has its reasons for bringing people back to the place of their heartache and pain. Finding out his wife was alive was just the beginning for Carter. It seems that Genny has problems of her own. She’s on the run, because in her attempt to escape, she killed an important member of the St. Paul Syndicate. Finding her now would prove to be almost impossible, and Carter is forced to turn to the man who shot her, the syndicate’s right-hand man, Joseph. He also has a stake in all this, as Genny and Carter soon find out. As Carter races against the week the carnival has given him to find his wife before the gangsters do, he realizes he must also make a life and death decision for everyone involved. Will he choose to save the woman he loves, or the carnival and its people?

About Kim Sigafus’ The Mida, Book Three: Destiny of Darkness and Light:

It was the spring of 1965, and Sarah, the carnival cook, has returned to Prairie Bluff, Wisconsin. Waking up to find the carnival was sitting high on a bluff above her family’s business did not make Sarah’s day. In her previous life, she managed The Prairie Bluff Inn and Amphitheater. Her fiancé was a musician and sang in the house band. But when a plane crash took his life and the life they had planned together, she ran from painful memories and lost dreams. Initially thinking she could just slip back into her old life again for a while, Sarah retreats into a quieter time when everything seemed simple. But as the week progresses, she discovers that while home had not changed; she had. She once craved the excitement of the 60’s music scene, and now all she wanted was a white house with a picket fence; lots of kids in the yard, and family nearby. The problem was she was now married to Frank, the carnival’s creature whisperer. And traveling with the mystically-powerful carnival meant not being able to have a child. Should she leave her husband for her old life and the stability she longed for? As she struggles with this decision, she discovers her family tree has a complicated branch. Her decision to stand in the darkness or the light will affect not only her, but the safety of the carnival. Will she be able to protect the carnival, or will the carnival need protection from her?


Taking FlightAbout Sarah Solmonson’s Taking Flight:

What happens when a perfect summer day turns to tragedy? How does a family cope with the loss of a beloved husband and father when the very thing that took him is a project the family built together? How does a teenager grow into adulthood with the burden of grief on her young shoulders?

David Norton lived for two things: family and flying. With the help of his wife, Jan (self appointed parts manager) and teenage daughter, Sarah (lifelong co-pilot), David worked for six years building his very own airplane in his basement workshop. His dream became a reality in the spring of 2000 when N256DN took its first flight.

Three months later, David was performing a routine take-off when a fluke change in wind brought his plane down. David was killed instantly. Jan and Sarah were thrown into a whirlwind of grief and depression that nearly destroyed the family David so dearly loved.

Now a grown woman with a family and dreams of her own, Sarah looks back on the depression and darkness of teenage grief and learns that life is too short to live in the shadows. Taking Flight is a journey through loss, a story of love, and a lesson in following your dreams – no matter what the cost.

Life is beautiful and brief – get your copy of Taking Flight today and find the inspiration to touch the skies of your dreams.


There Is No Why HereAbout Sarah Solmonson’s There Is No Why Here:

As a married, twenty-six year old night school student, Sarah assumed she had forfeited any chance of having the typical college experience – including the opportunity to study abroad. But from the moment she spotted a flier for a class that would travel throughout Germany and Poland to study the History and Literature of a post WWII society, Sarah knew her life was about to change. Ignoring logic, she enrolled immediately, taking the first of many steps on a journey towards freedom. From the Berlin Wall to the gates of Auschwitz, There Is No Why Here blends world history with a modern day tale of friendship and survival.



Keep Your Cervix To YourselfAbout Sarah Solmonson’s Keep Your Cervix to Yourself:

We live in a Social Media driven world. Odds are before you even take a pregnancy test you will have spent hours on the internet looking up everything from tips on how to conceive, to advice on which diapers to buy. There’s also a good chance that before you step into your doctor’s office for your first prenatal appointment you will have already stocked up on enough digital knowledge to qualify for an honorary degree in all things pregnancy. But with so much information – and our willingness to share every intimate detail with our Social Media friends – how can you avoid wasting a lot of time online reading useless information? Or worse, reading information posted by people who can’t spell, or that are more interested in standing on a soapbox than providing parents-to-be with quality advice? Keep Your Cervix To Yourself – a guide to surviving pregnancy in the digital age will let you skip hours spent in baby forums by bringing you the essentials of what you need to know about pregnancy and childbirth in the digital age without the drama and typos typically found in the online community. Written by a mom who survived a grueling pregnancy and the pre-term birth of her son, Keep Your Cervix To Yourself will get you through the next nine months with a dose of reality and a sense of humor, all while keeping your Social Media dignity in tact!


About Karen Stockwell’s The Ballad of Sam and D. Lila:

When Dora Hoffman receives a gift certificate to the Old Town School of Folk Music for her birthday, she knows her family is sending her a message about what she’s doing with her life. Still reeling from a great loss, Dora fills her time with too much recreational shopping and taking work home. As she contemplates signing up for a guitar class, her mysterious and handsome co-worker Sam Watts encourages her to go for it. And so it begins: the re-learning of lost skills; the adrenaline rush of performing; the joy of making music with a creative partner; the longing for love. As their collaboration blossoms into the duet known as Sam and D. Lila, the two hone their musical skills at open mics in Chicago. When a near tragedy strikes, they make a decision that deepens their commitment, yet begins to tear them apart. But Sam has one more secret that can save it all.


About Karen Stockwell’s Dreams of Darkness and Light:

Wanting to escape their daily routines, four friends plan a trip to a little known village in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. According to an old travel book discovered in a trunk, Teotenaca is known for its natural beauty and art. But due to a booking snafu, Michelle Hardtke finds herself traveling alone, with her friends Maggie, Angel and Max following a couple days behind. At first, she explores the tourist haunts in the colonial city of Oaxaca. After a winding ride through the mountains, she arrives in Teotenaca. It has beauty and artists, but she senses there are hidden mysteries that no one will reveal. Only after a fateful hike does she fully understand what the “draw of the mountain” will mean for her. While her friends wait for her safe return, Michelle begins a vision quest, a dream journey that takes her to the darkest realms of our history and prepares her to “shed” her old self. As she returns home, her transformation becomes more apparent to her co-workers and friends. She has been given a great gift, an ability to undermine the darkness in the world with the light of her powerful imagination. Dreams of Darkness and Light is an inspiring visionary novel about one woman’s odyssey toward personal and spiritual transformation.