I will look at storyline and character development along with grammar, spelling and punctuation. Spell check does not catch legitimate misplaced words within a document. I look for inconsistencies and vagueness throughout your manuscript ensuring it’s cohesive and engaging while preserving the original ideas and voice of the manuscript.

Pricing: $2.50 – $3.50 a page ($50.00 minimum)

(A standard page is 250 words. To determine your page count, divide your total word count by 250. Prices do not include return postage for hard copy edits. Please anticipate extra return shipping charges.)



I will read through your manuscript and mark any typographical, punctuation and capitalization errors. This is usually done after corrections have been made from a copy edit and the author is ready to submit the manuscript.

Pricing: $1.50 a page


eBook Formatting

I will format your manuscript to be uploaded by you as an eBook.

Pricing: $175 – $400


Print Formatting

I will format your manuscript to be sent to a printer or POD service.

Pricing: $1.00 per page ($75.00 minimum)


I accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express through Paypal. Personal checks will also be accepted, but the check must clear the bank before work on your project begins. Full payment is always welcome; however, I do request 50% payment at the start of the project with the balance due upon completion.